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Who we are?


Greek kínēsis, movement

Kinesis, the Greek word for movement. Movement is a procedure that leads to evolution and evolution leads to success. This is what we do, we move brands so that they can thrive in the competitive today’s environment. We develop online tools to build relationships that last and create happy customers that come back again and again.

Why choose us?

Broad marketing expertise

We did not just woke up one day and decided to piggyback the social media trend. Digital marketing is the evolution of the traditional marketing, it always was, so our broad marketing expertise gives us the capability not just to randomly use digital tools, but to orchestrate a series of actions that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Custom solutions

We do not implement pre-fixed packages. We develop a custom digital strategy mix based on the exact needs of every business, extensively analyzing the requirements in order to recommend the right tools.

Portfolio oriented

We do not hide behind logos. Our work is fully presented and this is what drives our sales funnel. We pay attention to the details that make the difference and develop exceptional projects that prove our high efficiency to future clients. Υour business project is our best advertising campaign.

How we work?


Learn, Analyse, Design, Develop, Evaluate, Repeat

L.A.D.D.E.R. is a strategic procedure developed by Weeroot, through which we can efficiently manage our clients projects and succeed great results.


We learn about your product and your business sector. This takes research and of course a lot of discussion. We need to truly get into the product in order to fully understand its specifications. Remember, every product is unique.


We move on analysing your current situation by contacting a situation analysis. Through this, we will be able to examine the internal and external factors affecting your business and create an overview of the factors that shape the future.


Digital marketing strategy put on paper. This is where we set the business goals and design the way to achieve those goals, taking into consideration the data collected at steps 1 & 2. This step is being reviewed and adapted before and after every action.


During this phase, the digital marketing strategy is executed. The sum of the tools described in the digital marketing strategy are being used and implemented. Creativity and strategy are put together to create content that will help us reach the business goals.


This step will help us stay in touch with the digital strategy through metrics and thorough data analysis. In a vastly changing business environment, adaptation is key. This is where all crucial data is collected and analyzed, so that the required changes will be applied.


None of the above steps is fixed. A business need to evolve. Continuous changes are made in the internal and the external business environment, so we must go back and learn, analyze and redesign to collect new data and develop new tools.

Our team!


Public Relations Manager

Hi, i 'm Lego!

I ‘ve been a member of Weeroot since our very beginning at 2014. It was not only my pure beauty (which is a fact), but you could also see clearly my communicational skills.

You can read my news on Twitter or just come by for a cup of fine espresso at our offices to meet the rest of the crew.

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