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Retaining profitability

Developing a unique social media marketing strategy, during the capital controls of 2015.
Retaining profitability.


Quality food during an economic crisis

In 2015, we created the social media marketing strategy for Almyra Seaside and Via Pastarella, two of the best restaurants in Crete.


Stay profitable during the capital controls

When you have to bring customers to an almost luxurious place during a national financial crisis, then things get a little more complicated.

The steps.
Step 1

In this special case, our research approach did not involve the business itself, it was mostly about keeping in touch with the latest news and capturing the necessary data to be on the same wavelength.

Step 2

Considering the latest news, we started tracking the users’ online behaviour on similar businesses through several social media channels, focussing especially on the discussions taking place on Twitter.

Step 3
Brainstorming & planning

Under those unprecedented circumstances, we developed a simpler, more human and emotional approach, trying to exclude any sensitive content that would trigger negative interactions.

Step 4

We fully adjusted the brand’s voice and created content that mostly talked about happiness and where to find it, combining the beauty of the venues and the joy of eating with friends.

Step 5

For at least 20 days, we managed to run those businesses’s digital presence, retaining them profitable, sometimes without even using Facebook Ads and with zero negative comments.

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