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A shoe store that thrived.


Topshoes is one of the most known online shoe stores, delivering fashion products to Greece and Cyprus. In 2016, Topshoes partnered with Weeroot to increase their sales and boost their awareness in a retail market with big players and extremely intense competition.

Our solution

First things first. After running a thorough situation analysis, we developed a social media strategy that included new digital branding and new copywriting in combination with high quality content including outdoor photo shooting. That led to the reinforcement of the perceived value, a critical factor during the buying process steps. In addition, the fresh digital image helped us increase our customers trust, something crucial when we are talking about users buying products online. That changed strategy was blended with a massive Facebook Ads campaign including boosting awareness and increasing online conversions through customised content and targeted copywriting. Last but not least, we used a newsletter marketing campaign to inform our audience about special offers, exclusive digital promotions and new arrivals, building our subscribers list with the help of Facebook Ads.

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04/07/2016 - 04/07/2017


July 4, 2016


Email marketing, Copywriting, Brand design, Social media marketing

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