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A different project

Digital minds, but traditional marketing knowledge base.
A different project.


OTE Insurance

In 2016, we partnered with OTE ASFALISI, member of OTE Group, to fully organize and develop a carefully planned marketing strategy.


Outsourced marketing

Analyse, create and develop a manifold plan containing actions that meet the marketing goals such as organising data, reaching more customers and increasing sales.

The steps.
Step 1

We started by applying a detailed research gathering the main characteristics and the key players of the greek insurance market.

Step 2

A SWOT analysis was one of the tools that helped us shape a better image of the current situation paying attention to the target audiences.

Step 3
Brainstorming & planning

Collecting and organising the available data, led us to refresh the brand image, shape a whole new brand voice and take a contemporary approach that would raise the engagement with the target audience by using the appropriate offline marketing tools.

Step 4

After rolling a new descriptive motto to overpass the obstacle of the audience not understanding the core product offering, we designed a fresh stationery, we launched a series of promotional elements and we started guiding the company employees to harmonise with the new brand image.

Step 5

The new and refreshed brand image together with a sum of well planned actions formed a brand new approach and moved the company to a more contemporary structure, organising every action with a marketing perspective, something that had a huge positive impact on the target audiences.

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