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What we do?

Social media marketing.

The most powerful way to attract prospects and customers.

We analyze your company’s real needs and continue with developing the appropriate digital tools to reach our strategic goals.

Digital marketing strategy.

The cornerstone of every successful digital project.

Tell us your needs and we will implement a detailed approach from the very beginning to the very end of the project.


Copywriting , Development


Email marketing , Copywriting , Brand design , Social media marketing


Strategic marketing , Copywriting , Identity , Print

A different project.

Going offline.

We partnered with OTE Asfalisi, member of OTE Group, to fully develop and execute a carefully planned strategy using traditional marketing tools.

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Private tutoring.

A new one to one service.

Weeroot created a whole new service to keep you ahead of the competition. Now, you can get your business online just by choosing between carefully created and affordable plans.

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Our partnership with Weeroot was productive and efficient dealing with issues regarding the sum of our marketing strategy.

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